Higher School of Economics National Research University
(HSE Univestity)


Mihail Alexandrovich

Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Communications, Media, and Design, School of Design, HSE; Best Lecturer, HSE 2018, Architect

«My River» project provides a unique opportunity for university students to take part in solving urgent urban planning and architectural tasks of the city. Having appreciated the context and studied the history of the formation of coastal urban areas, young specialists offer their vision of the future, entering into a discourse with the professional community. Discussion of their design decisions with experienced specialists and colleagues from related fields allows students to expand their views on design tasks, to study integrated solution algorithms, which, of course, is an invaluable experience in the educational process.

State University of Land Management (GUZ)


Svetlana Valeryevna

doctor of architecture,


head of the academic department of architecture of the Architectural faculty of the State University of land management,

advisor to RAASN,

academician of the Academy of architectural heritage,

corresponding member of RANS,

academician of APE,

member of the Union of architects of Russia,

member of the Moscow Union of journalists

Professors and students of architectural faculty of State University of Land Use Planning took an active part in seminars, workshop and competitions of the Committee for Architecture and Urban Planning of Moscow on the subject of «Development of territories adjacent to the River Moskva» with participation of the chief architect of Moscow S.O. Kuznetsov. Students were offered territories for designing four embankments of the city of Moscow: Khimki reservoir, north Stroginskaya water-meadows, Zhivopisnaya street, Saburovo district, as well as Yauza embankment.
It is very important for the development of student of State University of Land Use Planning that the final projects of young architects are considered in State Research and Design Institute for Urban Development of the city of Moscow, and the best proposals will be developed together with the project participants. The main goal of the youth policy of State Research and Design Institute for Urban Development of the city of Moscow - attraction of active and talented students to design within the framework of a real project with the possibility of subsequent employment gives confidence and hope for a good professional future of our students.

Evgeniy Anatolievich

honorary architect of the Russian Federation

«My River» workshop is a very important and useful project. Students should feel a connection with the city, where they live and study, with a river that forms an urban ensemble next to the university. This is why I have been curating students participating in this project for many years, and for many years I have enjoyed this work.

Larisa Vladimirovna

candidate of architecture, professor

Embankments’ solution is the most impressive feature of the aesthetic appearance of the city and an example of ecological and social care for residence. Participation of our students in the process of formation of the future project of Moscow embankments is a unique opportunity to show their abilities to generate interesting ideas in the active mode of knowledge acquisition, to demonstrate non-triviality of creative thinking, develop skills of evidence based defense and advocacy of the project in the form of oral report. The projects proposed by the students of State University of Land Use Planning contain interesting and worthy ideas for further development. The very participation in the «My River» project and the involvement of students in the process is a very valuable experience of interaction between universities and project organizations, as well as testing innovative methodologies of knowledge acquisition on a practical basis with elements of business games.



Alexander Alekseevich

head of the academic department of
«Urban planning and planning of rural settlements» of KSUAE,

candidate of architecture, honored arhictect of the Republic of Tatarstan

Participation in the project seminar has become a good test of knowledge and skills acquired by students in the process of university training at the academic department of Urban Planning of KSUAE. Urban planning preparation of students of the academic department has a practice-oriented character, and is based on thorough resource analysis of urban planning situation and knowledge of current domestic and foreign architectural and urban planning experience. Students learn to extract interesting applications of urban planning decisions from the positive worldwide practice that correspond to the resource potential of the place, and to interpret them in relation to the project objectives. Their succesfull presentation at the workshop in Moscow is a demonstration of project skills acquired during studies, capability of creative approach towards solution of a project objective and the ability to work in teams. All of this was fully reflected in their project proposal.

Moscow institute of architecture (MARKHI)


Sergey Fanievich

professor, academic department of «Urban Planning»

The solution proposed by the students contains the potential for development of the problem area.

Andrei Konstantinovich

professor, academic department of «Urban Planning»

I would like to note good organization of the workshop, which allowed students to perform their work at a decent level.

Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (MGSU)


Nina Vasyilevna

doctor of technical sciences, head of the academic department of «Urban Planning» of NRU MGSU

«My River» project has given students a unique opportunity to touch the professional area of practical urban planning. The Department of «Urban Planning» is happy to support any initiative of the Government of Moscow and to contribute to the development of a beloved city. We hope for contiunation of a fruitful cooperation and look forward to new interesting projects!

Elena Yurevna

candidate of architecture, docent of the academic department of «Urban Planning» of NRU MGSU

«Comfortable Urban Environment» program for residents of Russian cities is closely related to the new approach towards organization of public spaces. Citizens of different ages and social status can watch with admiration the pace of implementation of such projects, when city parks or embankments are transformed within a few months into comfortable places for leisure, active outdoor sports or recreation. In this list of «transformations», the River Moskva holds a special place as an object of design of a new development of territories in various parts of the capital. The process of design of the main city-forming waterway of Moscow is a responsible and a very honorable task. Not only the project practice, but also the comparison of project proposals, the level of graphical execution and presentation of works — all of this is a real experience for future professionals in the field of urban planning.

Alexander Alexandrovich

docent of the academic department of «Urban Planning» of NRU MGSU

Taking part in «My River» project allowed students of NRU MGSU to deeply immerse into real design work, and learn to work in teams. Development of the proposed territories has set difficult, but at the same time interesting tasks from a professional point of view. Practical experience aqcuired in the project will be an excellent addition to the competencies, gained during the theoretical training.

Tatiana Vladimirovna

senior lecturer of the academic department of «Urban Planning» of NRU MGSU

Development of urbanism in Russia is one of the main tendencies of the current decade. Creation of public pedestrian spaces is a very important step in the formation of socially active and positive society. Public spaces also include the embankments of the main water artery of the River Moskva. Every year State Research and Design Institute for Urban Development of the city of Moscow attracts interested students to develop concepts aimed at transformation of the embankments. In 2018-2019 academic year student of NRU MGSU with the support of Gradplan took part in the development of their conceptual projects.

Moscow state university of geodesy and cartography


Karen Valeryevich

instructor, master of architecture

Students’ involvement into elaboration of river development strategies is a great initiative. Such experience allows them to participate in solving current urban problems and become acquainted with their colleagues.

The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA)



head of Master’s Program
«Management of territorial development projects»

Etymology of the toponym «Yauza», derived from the words «uza» and «svyaz», suggested the students with the project strategy. The project of the team of students of our academic department (Department of territorial development named after V.L. Glazychev) is called «Yauza builds bridges». In their opinion a bridge is kind of metaphor that reflects the unifying principle in cultural, social, spatial, and environmental terms. Thanks to the unification of the territories along Yauza River embankment, as well as the formation of unique semantic zones and the use of potential adjacent territories, the embankment is transformed into a special social and leisure zone. In addition, the investment attractiveness of not only the area of the embankment, but also the entire district as a whole increases. The connectivity of the territory, achieved by the project, proposed by the students, facilitates an increase in the capacity of this territory and increase in the level of interaction between the districts along both sides of the embankment. We heartily congratulate our master’s students on obtaining the diploma of the 1st degree!


director of the program/project School of Design ISS RANEPA,
head of the «Field-Design» studio,
laureate of the State prize of the Russian Federation (1998), «Golden section» award (2003),
member of the Board of the Non-Profit Partnership «Guild of Architects and designers (SRO)»

«My River» project is a great opportunity for students not only to demonstrate their project skills and apply their knowledge in practice, but more importantly — to take a closer look at their city, learn, feel, and understand how it lives, having studied and passed through themselves a small part of it, making themselves a part of it as much as it is a part of themselves…


head of mukosey : architecture / design / media,
creative director of Artplay Today

Participation in «My River» project not only allowed us as teachers to train students on real examples, but also gave everyone an opportunity to express their professional judjement on how the embankments of the River Moskva should be developed. I really hope that the most thoughtful and interesting student ideas will be implemented.


lecturer at School of Design ISS RANEPA,
architect, director of the architectural studio PlanAR
member of the Moscow Union of Artists

Covered with trees and sparsely populated western bank of Khimki reservoir, which is now perceived as a protected natural area, actually preserves the memory of the most radical intervention in the natural landscape that has ever been undertaken on the territory of modern Moscow. Filling the valley of the Khimki river with Volga water from the Moscow Canal completely crossed out both the former image of this place and the former way of life of its inhabitants. New facilities grew in layers: each decade left its mark (the 30s — Tupolev hydraulic release, now known as the «Plity» beach, 50s — boxing school building and regular parterre park in front of it, 70s — hotel «Labor Reserves», etc.). As a result, a collage of completely different spaces is «glued» to a small section of the shore. Students and I treated this as a value, and were developing the park on the shore by the principle of enfilade: going along the shore, gradually passing from one environment to another, and finding something new.


lecturer at School of Design ISS RANEPA,

professor of International Academy of Architecture (IAA),

member of the Union of architects of Russia and Union of artists of Russia,

member of the All-Russian public organization «ALAROS»,

head of the architectural bureau «TERRA»,

organizer and chairman of the Non-profit Partnership «Nikola-Lenivets»,

chief architect of the WELNA Eco Spa Resort (Tarusa) hotel projects

The river is a city-forming factor. Under our control students solve many problems. An important part of the work is the study of a specific place: historical, social, geographical, landscape and visual analysis. Based on the information received, the next most interesting and difficult stage is the creation of a project. Within it routes that that highlight the features of each particular place are developed.

Students’ task is to create an advanced design of the environment. As a result of this work people should get aesthetic and cognitive pleasure, because in fact new points of attraction are being created — touristic routes.

Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (RUDN)


Alexander Albertovich


candidate of architecture,

member of the Union of Architects of Russia,

advisor to the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences

The city needs transformations. Throughout centuries cities change their borders, functions and contents. A river in a city also tends to change its roles, functions and relationships with the city over time. As part of student projects, «My River» project will allow to find new meaning of the river, continuing evolution along with the city.

Olga Ivanovna

candidate of architecture,


employee of the Department of Architecture

In our view, such initiatives are very useful both for development of new ideas, and for introducing them into the education program. Student practices allow to discover talented students in quite real projects, and the sense of «involvement» in the process of change ignites the young minds. Such events become unique - students get a chance to express themselves and to show their abilities. «My River» is a great initiative for the development of the city and creation of new ideas.